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Platonic Pilsners, Pale Ales & PortersAn ideal companion for beer lovers who want to store, record and serve their favorite draft in style, This handy 1L wide mouth growler is hopped-up with graphic appeal: Plato’s ancient wisdom, with “BEER” illuminated by a light-to-dark typographic range of beer varieties. The sturdy ceramic swing-top cap achieves a tight seal to preserve carbonation, and the amber glass is ideal to protect your brew from harmful light—both elements made in Germany. Growler decorated in West Chicago, IL. Each growler includes a sheet of printed companion tags (six) to record the vitals on your growler contents and form a log to guide future craft beer explorations. Download the template for additional tags. Exclusively at UncommonGoods.

via WISE BEER GROWLER | | UncommonGoods. $45.00

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